A view backstage at Beverley Minster

All Change – again

Neil Pickford fiddles about

I made a few decisions last week that will be reflected in the writing I do in future, so it seemed sensible to change my blog slightly – well, quite a bit, actually.

I shall not be writing a weekly column around my work as a virger in Beverley Minster any more. I’ve done it for over four years and there’ are only so many variations you can spin around the news that I’ve shifted some chairs about – again.

So I’m going to be banging on about a wider range of subjects in future, and also want to give an airing to some of my unpublished earlier writing as well. As they won’t necessarily be a view from a virgers’ vestry anymore, but more a series of occasional  outpourings from an overweight, oft-offended observer it made sense to rebrand them.

Hence most of my new work will appear under the title: “The Pickford Papers” (clever- hey?) at the following address:

Hopefully you’ll trek on over there, to read my cornucopia of clever compositions. I will be updating stuff over the next few days so keep coming back, if only to shatter your stereotypes.

And why not?


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