A view backstage at Beverley Minster

York Guild of Vergers welcomes new members

November 28 2011

Canon Maureen flanked by the new vergers

The annual pre-Christmas CEGV lunch in York gave vergers in Yorkshire the opportunity to welcome four new members to the Guild, a brace each from both the York and the Yorkshire South and West Ridings branches.

CEGV Chaplain Maureen Palmer welcomed Carole Shaw from Holy Trinity , Hull as an associate member; plus Kevin Hara from Beverley Minster, Eric Grubb of St Marys, Whitkirk and Kevin Simpson of Wakefield Cathedral as full members.
The ceremony took place within a communion service held in the Zouche Chapel of York Minster – a highly appropriate location as it is attached to, and accessible from, the vergers’ vestry in the minster.
Formalities over we then decamped for what was probably the caterers’ earliest Christmas dinner of the year as we were still in the dog-days of November. This was, however, the nearest to Christmas that we could manage this year as, for some reason, our diaries for December were largely full.
And then back to work….

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